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Virtual office open Mon – Thurs. Mainly on a bike or in a garage!


Media enquiries email us to receive auto response with media mobile number.


Could you support us?

  • Refer a local elders’ care home for weekly cycle rides with us?


  • Fundraise for us or make us your company charity of the year?


  • Make a company charitable donation? (tax exempt as we are a charity).


  • Offer a secure garage/lock up storage for a Trishaw cycle?


  • Donate the cost of a ride? DONATE button on the left menu bar.


  • Experienced, confident, regular road cyclist and like people? Available Mon – Weds for online pre-bookable ride slots? 2.5 hours volunteer time needed to reach bike store/then care home/complete a ride. We usually have a waitlist but are always keen to hear from prospective pilots.

Many thanks

Elly Hargreave, Captain & Duncan Henderson Maintenance Manager

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